China is closer ….by train

China is closer ….by train

Da Bergamo si parte per la Cina

Started on Saturday 27/06 from Bergamo station and destination Urumqui in the region of Xinjiang (China), the first rail transport of machinery parts loaded on special wagons.

The realization of this transport from Bergamo to China was made possible thanks to the collaboration between Pol-Rail Srl and Lo.Tra.Fer Srl (company specialized in normal and out of gauge rail transport).

This is the first rail forwarding shipped from Italy to China along a route of 7500 km throughout Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan (Vienna/Budapest/Chop/Topoli/Solovei/Ozinki/Semiglavyi Mar/Aktogai/ Dostyk), taking about 30 days.

Along the route the goods will be twice transhipped: once in Chop (Ukraine) on CIS wagon (gauge of mm 1520) and another time in Dostyk (Kazakstan) on special chinese wagon (gauge of mm 1435).

The direct connection to Bergamo with China represents an alternative to the shipping forwarding and makes Bergamo station the rail hub to the Great Wall of China.