Railway service goods directed between China and Italy

Railway service goods directed between China and Italy

In september will take to the way the first railway service goods directed between China and the Italy that Chengdu will connect, chief town of the Chinese province of the Sichuan, with the Interporto of Mortara (Pavia). This year the connection, realized graces to an agreement between the Beijng Changjiu Logistics Corporation, specialized Chinese company in the logistics automotive, and Polo Logistico Integrato of Mortara, will be carried out by a couple of trains to the week and he previews that the frequency will go up to three couples of trains weeklies magazine in 2018. The travel between China and Italy will be realized in 18-22 days.

“This – the vice president of the Lombardy Region and city council member to the House, social Housing, Expo and Internazionalizzazione of the enterprises has commented, Fabrizio Sala – is a extremely important agreement in particular for some fields: fashion, furnishing, design, alimentary and automotive. It is an agreement that go towards the intensification of the relationships between our territory and the Chinese Popular Republic that is one of the strategies pursued from our Region. It is begun with a train but from the 2018 we could have three or four cargo trains directed to the week towards China, are an extraordinary result”.

While Beijng Changjiu Logistics has signed an agreement also with China Development Bank and the Harbour Authority of Zeebrugge based on which financial the Chinese financial institution will supply support to the Chinese exporting companies that they want to institute an own center of European consolidation in the Belgian port. Moreover China Development Bank will offer also support financial to the plan Silk Road Platform Zeebrugge that is started by the Harbour Authority of Zeebrugge with the Chinese shipowning group Lowers COSCO Shipping Corporation and with the mining group and metallurgical Chinese Lowers Minmetals Corporation (CMC) with the scope to increase the traffics between China and Europe through the port of Zeebrugge.

the Harbour Authority of the Belgian port of call has signed also a specific understanding with the Beijng Changjiu Logistics for the start of a railway connection between the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, in the northeast of the country, and Zeebrugge that will have a 4-6 frequency departures to the week. Every train will be loaded with 225 Volvo automobiles and will carry out the travel in less than 20 days.

Source: Informare 09 June 2017