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(art. 13 D.Lgs. 196/2003 and art. 13 Regulation UE n. 2016/679 )

As the data controller for the processing of personal information pursuant to and for purposes of Art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (Code on the protection of personal information), Pol-Rail S.r.l. informs the party involved, hereinafter the “Party Involved,” regarding the processing of his/her/its personal information obtained when concluding this contract and during the course of managing such. The personal information of the Party Involved will be processed for the following purposes which are connected or instrumental to the activity of Pol-Rail S.r.l.:
a) execution of the contract in relation to which said information is requested and any subsequent renewals and/or extensions;
b) execution of legal obligations;
c) operating/accounting and management needs of Pol-Rail S.r.l., including with regard to security.
The personal information will be handled using electronic or paper media organized in a way which guarantees its security and protects the confidentiality and rights of the Party involved. For the purposes set out in letters a), b), and c) above, the transmission of the personal informationrequested at the time this contract was concluded and during the course of its execution is obligatory, as it is an indispensable prerequisite for Pol-Rail S.r.l. to fulfill its contractual obligations. Any refusal to provide the information could make it impossible for Pol-Rail S.r.l. to execute the contract.
The personal information processed may be communicated to:
a) employees of Pol-Rail S.r.l. to execute the contract, insofar as this is strictly related to the above- mentioned purposes;
b) carriers, logistical operators, owners of railway vehicles or other parties with whom Pol-Rail S.r.l. must deal in the name and on behalf of the party involved, or only in the name of such;
c) companies, bodies or other parties whose activity is connected to the accounting, administrative and control management of Pol-Rail S.r.l., as well as companies which manage postal services or
provide Pol-Rail S.r.l. with other collateral services, whether or not obligatory, who may process the information received to the extent this is instrumental to carrying out the activities which Pol-Rail S.r.l. has entrusted to them;
d) banks responsible for payments/collections;
e) organs of the Public Administration in order to carry out their institutional duties.
The data and documents necessary and pertinent to the contract will be filed and retained for ten years.
At any time the party involved may exercise his/her/its rights against the Data Controller, as set out in Art. 7 of said Legislative Decree no. 196/03. The Data Processor for the personal information obtained for the above purposes is the Pol-Rail S.r.l.General Manager.
After reading the above disclosure pursuant to Art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003, the Party Involved hereby consents.


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