How To Find Great Backlinks To Help With SEO

As an essential part of search engine optimization, it is important to understand what backlinks are, and how to find great backlinks on the internet. Also known as an incoming link or inbound link, a backlink is typically a link that connects one page of a website to another. It is vital because it tosses your page’s rank higher in the search engines. So, the relevance and quality of the linked contents is a must. 

However, not all backlinks are created equal. Here are ways to grab one. 

  • Ask your suppliers to link to your website. 

Check your clients’ website to see if your site is among the listed partner sites shown on the site. Try reaching out to the site owner through its page, and simply ask to be added to the list of suppliers in case your site is not yet included. 

  • Use HARO to respond to journalists’ requests

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a reputable platform where journalists source out upcoming stories. Sign up and request daily quotes from sources that are relevant to your field of interest. Once your request is accepted, you’ll get a good chance to earn a link. But a heads-up, though. Not all submissions are successful in earning a link. Make sure that as you add value to your experience with SARO, be clear in your response that you expect to be credited with a link. 

  • Use the niche-specific directory

Many niches have directories that showcase businesses in that particular sector. You’ll surely find variations of these online. 

  • Be cited as a resource.

Spending time creating impressive content and products, consider building links that can be cited as a resource. Opportunities like these come in a variety across all sectors. Just ensure that you are crafting great content and delivering excellent products and services (if you are offering such on your business site). 

  • Publish research. 

Although this strategy is tedious, it is a surefire way to get great backlinks to your site. You need to source out real-time data and interpret them to demonstrate research-based results. Sharing surveys and studies online catches the interest of many journalists and publishers. On top of that, it is an excellent way to earn fantastic links to your website.   

  • Identify Potential Backlinking Opportunities through Your Competitors

If you have tried out all the strategies mentioned above, go ahead and study your competitors’ backlink profiles to see what you have missed out. You may utilize any backlink gap tool to discover more backlinks opportunities.